Trump Uncovers MASSIVE Plot Against Him – Involves TRAITORS within the Republican Party!

President Donald Trump is very cautious when it comes to people whom he trusts. Considering the fact that he is the leader of one of the most powerful nations in the world, that is probably a good quality.

As a report from the Conservative Post has stated, despite the trouble caused by hateful Democrats, Trump also has to deal with traitors within the Republican Party, who pose the real threat to his presidency.

Allegedly, one of the leading figures in an anti-Trump conspiracy is a member of his own Cabinet. These Republican conspirators are aware that there is little possibility that they’ll actually manage to impeach the president, so their goal is to deny him his party’s nomination for the next election.

According to another report from The New York TimesPresident Trump’s first term is ostensibly just warming up, but luminaries in his own party have begun what amounts to a shadow campaign for 2020 — as if the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue weren’t involved.

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In the wider world of conservative Trump opponents, William Kristol, editor at large of The Weekly Standard, said he had begun informal conversations about creating a “Committee Not to Renominate the President.”

Reportedly, Kristol said : “We need to take one shot at liberating the Republican Party from Trump, and conservatism from Trumpism.”

As Breitbart reveals, Kristol  in his own newsletter, disclosed a meeting with Mike Murphy, a consultant of Jeb Bush where they discussed how to accomplish his goal.

He and Murphy, as Kristol wrote “ended up in a long session plotting the salvation of the GOP and conservatism from Donald Trump. We’ll see whether anything comes of it.”

Here it might be worth to mention that Kristol allegedly had an “inside man”, his friend and political ally H.R. McMaster, who is the national security adviser to the President. This poses a real threat. Kristol’s plot would have a real chance if he is being fed inside information.

Assuming this is true, it would mean not only mean a betrayal of the Republican Party or the President, but of the American voters as well.

Featured Image Source H/T : Freedom News Center

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