Man Built Mass Grave To Bury Aborted Babies, After 10,000 Burials He Started Doing Something Different…

Have you ever heard someone say that one person cannot make a difference? One man has gone above and beyond, proving how one selfless heart can change countless lives.

The journey began in 2001 in Vietnam, when Tống Phước’s wife was pregnant. It was then that he realized how many babies were being aborted at the hospital. Their lives were stripped from them before they even had a chance to take their first breath.

Broken-hearted, Tong decided that he had to do something. Even if he couldn’t save them, every human deserves respect.

He asked the hospital if he could give the aborted babies the decency of a burial.

Tống Phước Phúc Orphanage
Tống Phước Phúc Orphanage

But he didn’t stop there; he was on a mission. He bought land on-top of a mountain called Hon Thom. As a former construction worker, he used his skills to bury the babies in their own cemetery. Since then, he has buried over 10,000 babies. He didn’t want the graveyard to be a place for mourning, but instead hoped it to be thought-provoking garden for struggling women. But Tong never wanted to have to bury the little children; he wanted to save them.

Tống Phước Phúc Orphanage
Tống Phước Phúc Orphanage

The man became well known in his city, and expectant mothers who couldn’t afford a family came to him for help. His wish came true, and instead of digging graves he began adopting children.

Tong agreed to foster children until their mothers were able to take them back home.

Tống Phước Phúc Orphanage
Tống Phước Phúc Orphanage

Tong now has a home that supports over 100 children: Tống Phước Phúc Orphanage. But he doesn’t feel like a foster parent, to him, he’s a real dad, and these are his babies. Although an enormous undertaking, Tong wouldn’t have it any different.

He explained “I will continue this work till my last breath.”

Tống Phước Phúc Orphanage
Tống Phước Phúc Orphanage
Tống Phước Phúc Orphanage

If not for his acts of selfless love, these smiling children would have never had a chance at life.


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